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Monikka de La Zerda, Chief Technology Officer

Monikka de la Zerda is a software engineer who first began writing code over 20 years ago and became fully immersed in computers at a young age. She comes from a family well-versed in technology with deep roots in the Bay Area tech community. She is passionate about technology as a means for uplifting her community as well as making contributions toward environmental research and global issues.


Most recently, Monikka worked as a Principal Software Engineer in the energy storage industry at Stem, Inc. where she helped lead the Applications team. 


As a technology consultant for Brightfield Strategies, she was the sole architect and developer of their entire ETL system, which imports confidential Human Resources data on numerous Fortune 500 companies. Monikka's automation tools and various contributions have led to a dramatic increase in efficiency, accuracy, and stability of their product.

As Chief Technology Officer for UniGen Resources, she has led development efforts for the UniGen Smart System for Renewable Integration.


Monikka is very involved in her community and is a member of numerous coding organizations such as Women Who Code and PyLadies. She volunteers regularly for Techtonica, a local organization offering tech training to low income women, and is also a weekly tech mentor to the students of Hack the Hood, aimed at helping young adults break into the tech industry. Previously, she developed a community-driven music and arts blog to help give local artists a platform for collaboration and exposure.

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