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John Redding CEO UniGen Resources

John Redding, CEO

John Redding is the founder and CEO of UniGen Resources. Redding, along with colleagues Jim Detmers and Peter Cartwright, conceived the UniGen concept.


Redding has 40 years of industry experience including 27 years with GE Energy, where for many years he was the senior executive in charge of marketing and project development. After leaving GE in 2003, Redding was a consultant for large energy users including the Silicon Valley Manufacturing Group and the Texas Institute for the Advancement of Chemical Technologies. In 2006, Redding and industry luminary Pete Cartwright started Advanced Power Projects (APP). APP developed a patented steam injection technology and sold this as an upgrade to existing combustion turbine power plants. It was during this time that Redding and Cartwright first conceived of combining the output of wind and gas fired generation using a specialized control system, later to be known as UniGen. In 2010, Redding created UniGen Resources and over the next few years created a simulation model of UniGen and market tested the technology with utilities and state agencies in California. In 2016, this effort culminated in a $650,000 research grant from the California Energy Commission.


Redding has an MS in Engineering from Purdue and an MBA from Santa Clara University.

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