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At UniGen Resources, we believe that making clean energy 

reliable, affordable, and accessible to as many people as possible will improve lives and benefit the environment.

     We’re a creative and experienced team of business and technology

leaders who have served as senior executives with General Electric,

CAISO, NREL, utilities, and energy startup companies. Our shared

goal is to help solve the renewable integration challenge.



John Redding CEO of UniGen Resources

John Redding,

Chief Executive Officer

John is a co-founder of UniGen Resources. He has over 40 years years of industry experience, including 27 years with GE Energy and several energy startup companies. His varied experiences have given him a broad understanding of the industry from which he is able to create new solutions as the electric grid continues to change.

Dr. Merwi Brown CSO of UniGen Resources

Dr. Merwin Brown,

Chief Strategy Officer

Dr. Brown’s comprehensive knowledge of electric utilities and of new and emerging utility technologies is derived from over 45 years of experience in the industry. He is the retired Affiliate Sr. Advisor at UC Berkeley and formerly served as Director of Electric Grid Research (EGR) for the California Institute for Energy and Environment (CIEE).


Monikka De la Zerda,

Chief Technology Officer

Monikka de la Zerda is a software engineer who first began writing code over 20 years ago and became fully immersed in computers at a young age. As Chief Technology Officer for UniGen Resources, she leads development efforts for the UniGen Smart System.


Jack Ellis,

Markets and Integration Issues

Jack brings nearly 40 years of experience in power system planning and economics, wholesale electricity markets, and innovative approaches to grid modernization, as well as an international perspective.

Mark Sanford Advisory Board UniGen Resources

Mark Sanford,

Economic and Systems Modeling

During Mark’s long career, he’s developed deep expertise in power industry economics, power systems planning and operations, energy policy, and quantitative analysis and modeling.

Lee Paden Advisory Board UniGen Resources

Lee Paden,

Regulatory Attorney

For the past 14 years, Lee has been in private practice with an emphasis on electric energy and environmental consulting. Prior to that, he worked for many years with utilities and state governments in the areas of energy and environmental issues.

UniGen Resources is a group of multi-talented people with experience across sales, operations, technology development, and financial management. Our team grew out of a single-minded focus on developing innovative solutions to the problems associated with renewable integration. We witnessed these problems first-hand in our various industry roles; increasingly, we came to see solving them as the key to stabilizing electrical supply and demand to ensure the long-term reliability and affordability of the grid.


The solution to integrating ever larger amounts of renewable energy into the grid without sacrificing reliability and cost-effectiveness entails both new technology and new business models, and that’s exactly what we’ve developed.

Rather than continuing down the current path of more consolidation and centralized control, we’re disaggregating the challenges associated with renewable integration. We believe in applying some of the best approaches from other industries to our field, particularly the power of flexible, distributed solutions. That and our belief that the simplest solution is often the best one have guided the development of our technology and business model. We welcome collaboration and partnerships with those who see the future as we do.

Mahyar Zhargami Advisory Board UniGen Resources

Mahyar Zarghami, System Integration and Optimization

Dr. Zarghami has many years of experience in research and consulting activities related to operation, control, and optimization of the electric power generation, transmission, and distribution systems. He is currently an associate professor in the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department at CSUS.

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